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S Ufajr

Past concerts

Hayoka + Ufajr Praha 10 – Vršovice, Café V lese Hayoka + Ufajr
Ufajr + Monoskop Praha 6, Klubovna Ufajr + Monoskop
Povaleč 2019 Valeč, Valeč Povaleč 2019
Ufajr + Madebythefire + Permon Balet Superstar Praha 4, Na pul cesty Café Ufajr + Madebythefire + Permon Balet Superstar
Navicula + support: Ufajr Praha 1, Rock Café Navicula + support: Ufajr
The Ills + Ufajr + more Praha 10, Vinohradský pivovar The Ills + Ufajr + more


Ufajr  Bílé Peklo (Die Weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü)  Ufajr – Bílé Peklo (Die Weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü) 3:35:02 192 ×
Ufajr  Asleep In The Sun  Ufajr – Asleep In The Sun 5:07 135 ×
Ufajr  Lípy  Ufajr – Lípy 3:32 19 ×
Ufajr  Úkaz (full album)  Ufajr – Úkaz (full album) 20:53 7 ×
Ufajr  Superdamaged  Ufajr – Superdamaged 4:38 2 ×

About Ufajr

Prague band, what breaks the post-rock aesthetics kolečkama otočenýma right. As you say, “We are not” guitar “or” kapelka "without goals and dreams. Every Monday we are looking for new sounds and techniques. Leading the band is thought to maintain a balance between the accessible music and terrible brothel. We are a young, ambitious, and so forth. "


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