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Over recent years the work of Vojtěch Fröhlich has deployed a relatively wide range of media and themes. It might appear as though his performances, installations, public interventions, film and photography was dissolving into a kind of arcane post-conceptual sphere, and some of his flippant ideas on the boundary of mundane everyday activities make the viewer question whether this is still art. This might involve his workshop on covering tourist bicycles with reflective foil (Prototype, 2011), cleaning out an inhabitable car during the private view (Úklid / Cleaning, 2012), or putting into operation the AVU Club with its own vegetable garden offering good quality refreshments to students and lecturers of the Academy of Fine Arts (2012 – ongoing). It is as though Fröhlich wants to investigate, experience and sample anything that pops up in his head and uses the world of art simply in order to do so. In addition, his themes and creative methods are often based on interests and skills outside the world of art, especially sport, which become the unexpected source of sensual experience, significance and emotion. A conceptual approach plays an important role in Fröhlich’s projects along with playfulness, an existentialism linked with the repeated motif of meditation, loneliness and the testing of one’s own physical possibilities, temporality and procedure. Filip Jakš mentions procedure in his review of an exhibition of works by Fröhlich and Sebastian Stumpf in the Drdova Gallery.

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