Address ul. Mińska 25 bud. 8, Warszawa
Tags Fairy tale
Entry PLN 44
Venue's website www.teatrniewielki.pl
Length 45 min
Director Maria Szajer
Release 2021

Performing: Gabriela Całun, Paulina Dulla, Mateusz Wądrzyk, Paweł Tolak

It’s safe on a lonely island. No one wants anything from us, the world is pink and arranged exactly the way we like it. But on a lonely island it’s also a little lonely? So when someone unexpectedly appears on it, a little out of curiosity and a little out of longing, we let them make themselves comfortable. Sometimes maybe too much. The play The Island is a cheerful story about Pink, who lives on a pink island and drinks pink milk, rides a pink bicycle and, for lack of other options, makes friends with a pink ball of wool. But somewhere deeper there is a story about longing and waiting. And also about the boundaries of what is “mine” and “I won't give up” and the fear of opening up to others and sharing. Because when we allow someone to get close to us, we open ourselves not only to joy, but also to sadness. But does that mean that each of us should remain a lonely island?

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