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Brno, Cabinet of the Muses Annet X & Champion Sound
Praha 1, Lucerna Music Bar  Annet X & Champion Sound

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Anulowano: Annet X & Champion Sound Jihlava, DIOD Annet X & Champion Sound
Uprising Festival 2019 Bratislava – Ružinov, Zlaté piesky Uprising Festival 2019
A.G. & Champion Sound Praha 5, Futurum Music Bar A.G. & Champion Sound
Smif N Wessun & Champion Sound Praha 5, Futurum Music Bar Smif N Wessun & Champion Sound
Křest knihy Dezorient Express + Prago Union + Champion Sound Praha 7, Forbidden Spot Křest knihy Dezorient Express + Prago Union + Champion Sound
Blackalicious: Cou + Jeffology + Champion Sound Praha 10, Café V lese Blackalicious: Cou + Jeffology + Champion Sound

O Champion Sound

Regarding the combination of hip hop + live band there with us actually only one name. And as for the combination of b-boys + live band, there’s also one name that sticks out above the rest. It is no coincidence that these are two forms of one band – Champion Sound, and that it consists of those same musicians. Just as it is no coincidence that just this live band in his pocket most of the dead DJs.

Bandleader Radimo (saxophone, flute, MPC, drum pad), drummer Gury, Watcha bassist, guitarist clouds clouds and perkusák Miki Congo, although do not work together long enough to mention it chroniclers scene. With his enthusiasm for the cause, however, for a little over two years managed to convince everyone who’s playing for dancers and who is srdcař. Honorably played one of the most significant events both in my district and those in the whole world – World Finals Battle Of The Year 2013 Juste Debout 2013 The Notorious IBE, 2 The Top Floor, SDK Europe (for 3 consecutive years) World Final Outbreak Factor Dance, Hip Hop Kemp, Wake Up Jam festival Votvírák their music … Do you zajamovali concepts such as dance world: Alien Ness, Neguín, Ken Swift, Poe One, Mr.Wiggles, Mr.Freeze (Rock Steady Crew ), Les Twins, Bruce Ykanji, Salah, Lamine, Kid Glyde (Dynamic Rockers), Melanie Aguirre, Pocket, Maurizio, Focus, Storm, P.Lock, Mikey Disko, bone (Top 9) or Roxrite and other legends. And because Champion Sound believes that the best is still ahead, and the best is the next, looking forward all the time diligently crushes all other upcoming b-boy jams at home and abroad (maybe next year Juste Debout, except where Champion Sound other band still played there and CHS will play for the second consecutive year). – Translated by Automatic service


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