Dust Covered Carpet

Rock, Alternatywa/Indie, Folk Austria
S Dust Covered Carpet


Dust Covered Carpet  Guitarstring Marked Fingerprints  0 5 3:20 44 ×
Dust Covered Carpet  Pretty Things Happen  0 5 4:18 76 ×
Dust Covered Carpet  Because Gravity Overpowers Me  0 5 3:29 142 ×

O Dust Covered Carpet

Dust Covered Carpet is a folk-rock band from Austria, which in 2007 he founded Volker Buchgraber. Their debut album "Doubts Even Rededust the Trust" recorded Volker himself in his home studio with the help of cheap recording technology. He later joined him and other teammates, and thanks to an unusual combination of various instruments (from guitars, through accordion, cello, viola, clarinet, flute, bass, various boxes to generate ambient area) began to be Dust Covered Carpet sound much more colorful, more experimental and especially rozpoznatelnější.

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