Galerie Schallschutz

Elektroniczna, Eksperymentalna, Ambient, Industrial, Experimental Niemcy
S Galerie Schallschutz


Galerie Schallschutz  Phoenix II  Galerie Schallschutz – Phoenix II 8:45 3 ×
Galerie Schallschutz  Electrical Nerve Gas  Galerie Schallschutz – Electrical Nerve Gas 6:06 3 ×
Galerie Schallschutz  Ionospheric Research Instrument  Galerie Schallschutz – Ionospheric Research Instrument 8:42 1 ×

O Galerie Schallschutz

If anyone knows Gallery Schallschutz work is needed in addition to outline his musical genre also the importance of aesthetic assumptions and significant concept that characterizes their work. Technically, this is a very sophisticated dark ambient with a wide range of sound layers and sombre samples with hypnotically thundering deep bass in the background. When listening but you will find that there is something hidden something suspicious disquieting, what attracts you to uncover the mysterious veil of form and also get to know the contents of their communications. – Translated by Automatic service

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