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United Islands 2013 Praha 6, Ladronka Park United Islands 2013


Photolab  Ecstasy of Amsterdam  Photolab – Ecstasy of Amsterdam 2:58 128 ×
Photolab  Happy Birthday  Photolab – Happy Birthday 3:16 59 ×
Photolab  La mer  Photolab – La mer 1:03 47 ×
Photolab  Colours Around  Photolab – Colours Around 3:15 47 ×

O Photolab

PhotoLab - five instruments with the voice of singer Magdalena Solomon brings a unique musical experience. The work is PhotoLab nepřeslechnutelná film music inspired by the copyright works through unconventional group is transferred to the concert stage. PhotoLab pohoupe Music listeners on a wave of melancholy to him a few moments later forced to make an imaginary step back under a barrage of straightforward energy. Film inspiration is reflected in the visual concept of live performances, which include a large projection of the original tailor made ​​to each of the songs. It gives concerts and visual dimension to the attack and another meaning listeners.

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