Roger Dodger

Rozszerzona rzeczywistość, Jazz
S Roger Dodger

O Roger Dodger

Roger Dodger is a group consisting of musicians coming from four continents: Asia, South America, Europe, and North America. Although the lyrics are in English, but this group of musicians includes common mother tongue. Communicate music. The band Roger Dodger with his guest John Vaughan benefits from the diversity of cultural traditions and different life experiences of its members. From this symbiosis, combining dreamy poetry and infectious rhythm of Latin American, jazz and blues, as well as Slavic and Jewish elements, but also Japanese "Sakura", a musical style that is warm and sincere thanks to the authenticity and commitment of players. In this band, the listener is forced to applaud handy handyman who worked hard to memorize some famous solos of Charlie Parker. No circus and artificial sensation. He needs just close your eyes and enter into a joint music world. – Translated by Automatic service

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