Rosario Smowing

Swing, Reggae, Muzyka ludowa, Jazz, Muzyka Latynoamerykańska, Dixie, Tango, Swing, Ska, Rockabilly, Bolero Argentyna
S Rosario Smowing

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Rosario Smowing Praha 5 – Smíchov, Jazz Dock Rosario Smowing
Rosario Smowing Praha 4, Music Club Jižák Rosario Smowing
Rosario Smowing – Swing Argentino Praha 4, Music Club Jižák Rosario Smowing – Swing Argentino
Mighty Sounds 2017 Tábor, Čápův dvůr Mighty Sounds 2017


Rosario Smowing  Se Mueve  Rosario Smowing - Se Mueve 3:01 98 ×
Rosario Smowing  La Calle De Los Dolores  Rosario Smowing - La Calle De Los Dolores 4:45 50 ×
Rosario Smowing  Perro De La Playa  Rosario Smowing - Perro De La Playa 4:43 46 ×
Rosario Smowing  Canciones Pa' La Luna  Rosario Smowing - Canciones Pa' La Luna 3:48 36 ×
Rosario Smowing  Vos Arriba...yo En El Mar  Rosario Smowing - Vos Arriba...yo En El Mar 3:14 26 ×

O Rosario Smowing

The group itself is called "Rock" your style and Bigband music known as "Swing Argentino". Eight great musicians in black dress showing off an incredibly vibrant music and dance show, which draws on the roots of the music, such as swing, bolero, ska, mambo, dixie, rockabilly and tango. At their head is the charismatic singer Diego Casanova, a former punk matador, who mixed it with typical Tango lyrics, expressive rock expressions and so still that the music bubbling up from deep Smowing Rosario, 40, 50. and 60. years, is at the same time very contemporary and riveting, even for a young audience.


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