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AghaRTA Prague Jazz Festival 2015: Sheila E. Praha 1, Lucerna Music Bar AghaRTA Prague Jazz Festival 2015: Sheila E.


Sheila E.  The Glamorous Life  0 5 4:27 89 ×
Sheila E.  A Love Bizarre  0 5 3:44 44 ×
Sheila E.  The Belle Of St. Mark  0 5 3:23 36 ×
Sheila E.  The Glamorous Life  0 5 6:32 25 ×
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O Sheila E.

The American player on drums and singer Sheila e. coming from California, nar. 1959, vl. JM. Sheila Escovedo. The daughter of drummer Pete Escoveda, who played with Santana and Azteca group. She sang in the bands accompanying Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, George Duke and Lionel Richie. After working with the Prince (the first time it appears on the album Erotic City in 1984). In parallel, then also the solo track, on which Prince helps.

Album In The Glamorous Life (1984) had a hit in the form of the title song, from the album In Romance 1600 (1985) comes to hit and Love Bizarre. In 1987 appears on percussion and in the Prince's concert band. Album Sheila e. (1987) have had less success. – Translated by Automatic service


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