Youth Gallery

Youth Gallery

Adres Radnická 4, Brno
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The space for the presentation of young artists was founded in 1967 because of the instigations of art theorist Igor Zhore. Currently, it is the oldest of the exhibition space of the gallery IGC(TIC). By focusing on presentation authors of the youngest generation of artists, mostly students and recent graduates of Czech and Slovak universities and art schools. The only limitation is the author's age limit of 35 years. Dramaturgy emphasizes the distinctive personality of a progressive trend within the emerging generation of artists, but when it tries to maintain a pluralistic view of art with a wide range of media and expressive positions. Besides to separate solo author's exhibitions and collaboration (two or more authors) gallery seeks for curator conceived collective shows.


Podaj ulicę, lub najbliższy przystanek, z którego chcesz się dostać na miejsce wydarzenia. Pokażemy Ci najlepsze połączenia.


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