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S 813


813  Espoir Voyage  0 5 2:47 24 ×
813  Village  0 5 2:49 14 ×
813  Bluebirds  0 5 2:59 8 ×
813  Sanctum  0 5 2:57 3 ×
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O 813

Moscow firefighter 813 despite his original profession could make it over the last few years to unleash massive blaze at the current electronic scene - and his energetic dance design so it was enough to settle the well-known brands club quality is Donky Pitch, Activia Benz, Fool's Gold Records or Apothecary Compositions.

813 shares a similar kind of optimistic beatového maximalism, which is said to be known Rustie and Hudson Mohawk, I do not for long spirals into artificially přiživovaných trapových clichés and the obvious sense of epic march beat and a catchy melody carrier. All of you just said you can own ears / eyes to check on his live set at this year's Lunchmeat Festival. – Translated by Automatic service


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