Anomalie Art Club

Anomalie Art Club

Adresa Storkower Strasse 123, Berlin
Telefón +49 176 20487626

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Conceived and created by the Stay Free Kollektiv, the venue offers immense infrastructure for any kind of music and art to workshops and movement. This futuristic temple is dedicated to the idea of holistically engaging the cultural spectrum. Every aspect of life is elevated to art and contributes to a continuous Gesamtkunstwerk. Anomalie serves as a stage for the intersection of expressive disciplines. From originally being a car workshop, the location has been converted from an empty hall into an outstanding event venue. Architect Lena Wimmer designed its new shapes in constant collaboration with the Stay Free Kollektiv, in order to create the ambience of a futuristic industrial temple. On an area of 2,000 sqm, Anomalie hosts a range of individual spaces, where artistic research of all kinds merges into a symbiotic organism.


Zadaj názvy zastávky alebo ulice, odkiaľ chceš vyraziť a nájdi si najlepšie dopravné spojenie.


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