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Argies  Misericordia  0 5 4:22 16 ×
Argies  Luna Rossa  0 5 3:41 11 ×
Argies  Lista Negra  0 5 53:31 7 ×
Argies  Little Green Bag  0 5 4:22 0 ×
Argies  King Of Ska  0 5 3:06 103 ×

O Argies

Argies derogatory name marking the Argentines, the term widely used by English soldiers and the British press during the Falklands War. Musical roots groups Argies are mainly in the old English punk (The Clash), with a tendency to ska, reggae, Latin and rock'n'roll. The essential difference between the Argies and another rock band is that the Argies are not a typical band with a permanent assembly. They function more as a society of independent musicians. Only David (vocals, guitar, and the author of most texts) is the only one who remained from the very beginning. During its existence, the Argies played countless concerts in over 30 countries in South America and Europe.

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