Braco Dimitrijevic

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S Braco Dimitrijevic

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Its foundation is Braco Dimitrijevic conceptual artist, but its rich artistic experience can apply even in very traditional media such as painting and sculpture. Paintings constructs as modernist collage with visible links to the classics of modern art. Dimitrijevic knows the pitfalls of painting craft very well, since the first exhibition of paintings executed at the age of ten years. In 1972, in the form of paintings imitating painting of Jackson Pollock affiliated Dripping classic medium with a strong conceptual background. In fact, one of the first to use the method of postmodern appropriation, as we know, many years later, for example in the work of Sherrie Levine and Jonathan Monk. Particular Dimitrijevićův style is distinctive not only in paintings but also his sculpture develops similar principles. The spatial projection of conceptual art at Dimitrijevic happening in compilations bronze sculptures of musical instruments and coconuts. The story follows composed statue, is nothing more than an individualist thesis about the extent and effect of contextual continuity. Similar mainly formal and substantive connotations Braco Dimitrijevic has been creating since 1976. His most famous installation called Triptychos Post Historicus are composed of the masterpieces of the museum's collections, objects of daily use and fruits. Dimitrijevic implements these installations in prestigious galleries such as Tate Gallery (London), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris) and the Musée d'Orsay (Paris). Since 1981, the performances of live animals (lion, tiger, crocodile, etc.) transforms static installation in living, organic complexes mimicking Dimitrijevićův artistic approach that presents itself as Culture Statements (most famous performances was an exhibition in Paris zoo, 1998) . – Translated by Automatic service

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