Department of Presence

Department of Presence

Adresa ul. Pańska 3, Warszawa
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The Department of Presence is a new public program at the Museum on Pańska Street. It is a form of “institution within an institution”, a non-hierarchical experimental research and education institution, which is based on experiences with various forms of artistic expression in order to discuss political, social and economic issues. The Department of Presence is testing performative forms of participation in a specially designed space at the heart of which is Andreas Angelidakis' Demos installation, previously presented at Documenta 14 in Athens as part of the Parliaments of the Bodies programme, dedicated to democracy, sovereignty and hospitality in contemporary Europe. The Department is divided into blocks - “residential programs” for institutions, research centers, collectives, as well as individual artists and researchers, who will invite the Museum audience to negotiate positions and attitudes together.


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