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Dominik M is one of the most outstanding artists in the Czech Republic. He has a feeling for space and for the construction of the rhythmic Division of the areas that is reminiscent of jazz improvisation. On his paintings we often find ourselves spilling mass which is constantly changing its shape and form and the endless flow of inexhaustible energy.

In his monumental paintings reflecting the complexities of cítěných and contradictions of the contemporary world. An artist from chaos to order. In his paintings is the apparent inspiration for the technique and modern civilizations, but also the man of the untouched nature. An important role in his works and fire-making on the one hand, on the other, but devastating. And let’s not forget the light that comes from the depths of Marešových images of endless space and fascinated by the artist and the Viewer.

Dominik Mares their works presented on a number of individual and collective exhibitions at home and abroad. His paintings are part of private collections in Europe, North and South America and in Asia. – Translated by Automatic service

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