Drongos For Europe

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Drongos For Europe  Can't Afford To Fall  Drongos For Europe – Can't Afford To Fall 3:32 25 ×
Drongos For Europe  Dresden  Drongos For Europe – Dresden 4:38 9 ×
Drongos For Europe  Let Go  Drongos For Europe – Let Go 2:36 8 ×
Drongos For Europe  Death's A Career  Drongos For Europe – Death's A Career 7:44 4 ×
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O Drongos For Europe

Drongos for Europe started to cut into the guitars in 1979, comes from Birmingham and were included in the tehdější punk UK82 waves. That is, politely put, the angry punk mixed with hard core and street punk. Straightforward, loose lyrics. Cunningly strict guitars and drums as tepot heart vzteklýho dog. These gentlemen what they're doing and they live really stay, Seven shook twice. Play Loud – Die Hard! – Translated by Automatic service


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