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Meander Festival 2018 Valeč, Vyhlídka Jinotaj Meander Festival 2018
Refufest 2018 Praha 1, Kampus Hybernská Refufest 2018
Džezvica Praha 1, Studio Pamet Džezvica


Džezvica (Balcony TV)    Džezvica (Balcony TV) 4:24 130 ×

Info o umelcovi Džezvica

Džezvica Prague is a young band that in their music inspired rhythms and melodies from the Balkan peninsula and its surroundings. In her arranges hear songs from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, but also Hungary, Romania and Greece, which is trying to interpret in their own way. Band’s repertoire ranges from ballads to teskných brisk and rhythmic songs. – Translated by Automatic service


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