Festiwal Legend Rocka: Bryan Ferry

Adresa Strzelinko 14, Słupsk
Štítky Pop, Rock
Vstupné PLN 160–260
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Bryan Ferry, born in 1945 in England, is a musician and singer-songwriter. He gain popularity as a leader of the band Roxy Music, that was a pioneer in experimental music and glam genre. Officially, Ferry started his solo career in 1984 and is considered one of the greatest artists and inspirations of the 80's. He is still touring and his last album "Avonmore" was released in 2014.

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Veľká Británia
Pop, Rock, Glam Rock, Sophisti Pop


Bryan Ferry  Slave to Love  0 5 5:53 109 ×
Bryan Ferry  Let's Stick Together  0 5 3:01 74 ×
Bryan Ferry  Don't Stop the Dance  0 5 3:57 60 ×
Bryan Ferry  Love Is The Drug  0 5 3:59 52 ×
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