Francisco López

Experimental, Elektronika, Ambient, Field Recordings, Experimental, Drone Španielsko
S Francisco López

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Binaural headphone concert: Francisco López Slovenská republika, Online v tvojej obývačke Binaural headphone concert: Francisco López


Francisco López  Untitled #148  Francisco López – Untitled #148 10:12 5 ×
Francisco López  La Selva  Francisco López – La Selva 1:10:51 8 ×
Francisco López  Belle Confusion 969  Francisco López – Belle Confusion 969 51:33 5 ×
Francisco López  Untitled #220  Francisco López – Untitled #220 7:25 2 ×
Francisco López  Amarok  Francisco López – Amarok 10:01 2 ×

Info o umelcovi Francisco López

Francisco López is a Spanish world traveler and hunter of sounds is one of the most active stars of contemporary experimental music. It firmly believes that music is here to listen, and does not hesitate in the audience to help by giving at their records and concerts denying other sensations. The album, whose number is in those three decades the three-digit, usually do not have names or pictures on the packages, López performs at concerts in the dark, sitting outside the stage and the audience has blindfolds. The message is concise, clear, logical, and yet all musical genres unusual: "Listen! Forget the visual extras music, forget the image, open ears!

And that is what you hear: López is almost constantly on the move and their music creates thousands of hours of field recordings. Lopez's creation but not a document or equivalent of the show of memories from holidays, but the endless pursuit of sound, nothing but sound. Its comfortably lived-stylish mold of this tireless creator and essayist indicates a reference to the pioneers of electronic music of the fifties: absolut concrete. – Translated by Automatic service


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