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O Free Fall

Free Fall is the uherskohradišťská group playing a mixture of metal, rock, and pop. Was established in 1995. Its formation is dominated by electric elements, catchy melodies and interesting vocals. Lyrics of English songs, which are full of anguish, distress and gloom, are solely their own creation of the band. The band has had numerous concerts after many clubs in Moravia in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the victory in the contest dozen 2006 got a rock into the wider consciousness of the people and opened the door to a larger stage and festivals throughout the Czech Republic (mj. Masters Of Rock, Vizovice, Basinfirefest Sázavafest, trnkobraní, night full of stars, the Venetian night, etc.). and foreign giants, such as předskakování. Within Temptation, Lordi, Waltari, Grave Digger, Leaves Eyes – Translated by Automatic service

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