Adresa Revaler Str. 99, Berlin
Webová stránka www.haubentaucher.berlin
Telefón +49 30 297766770
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Haubentaucher is a combination of indoor and outdoor sites on the RAW site in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The highlights on the Haubentaucher are the spacious event hall, which used to be the maintenance hall of the National Railway, and the big, heated swimming pool including a mini beach.

A cultural hotspot where Berlin’s urban vibes and summer ease come together in the middle of old industrial charm has been created here.

The unique concept contains a big variety of events, for example concerts, pool parties, exhibitions, corporate events, fashion shows, street food markets and during the winter time an ice skating rank and a christmas market.

During the summer Haubentaucher is already opened from lunchtime and invites for sunbathing, drinks and various events.


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