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Experimental, Elektronika, Ambient, IDM, Breakcore Česko…
S Ježíš táhne na Berlín

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Ježíš Táhne Na Berlín  Porno Stereo (live)  Ježíš Táhne Na Berlín – Porno Stereo (live) 5:05 363 ×
Ježíš Táhne Na Berlín  SKRX (live)  Ježíš Táhne Na Berlín – SKRX (live) 3:58 167 ×

Info o umelcovi Ježíš táhne na Berlín

JTNB is a musical group which blended music genres, as well as cut the worlds around us. Male and female, good and evil, this and the other world, to which we owe both to death, '‘ says Android and then adds: ’' most of us live somewhere between the worlds (not only for them, but the Board intended), and most of us are afraid of death successfully. But avoiding her means to Rob both sides. Therefore, “Don't Die Drunk”.

JTNB has already toured in Mexico, Indonesia, Filipinách and differently across Europe, which due to the nature of the Czech cultural environment is not completely normal. In the beginning (one-man project Andrew Skala), JTNB stylishly on the boundary between genres as he is to break the core idm and ambient, in its present form is a more accurate classification already stylish impossible. Added solo bass guitar, power pop, when live performances then beat box with bass, metalizující guitar, and vocal exhibitionism. – Translated by Automatic service

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