Kaffee Burger

Kaffee Burger – Miesto uzavrené

Adresa Torstraße 60, Berlin

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Kaffee Burger is a club and artists’ venue at Torstraße in Berlin-Mitte.

The interior and ambience of the dance bar have been changed only little since GDR times. Today, it offers a wide program variety with culture and music. From open-mic-music-sessions and concerts in all genres to techno parties with young DJs and emerging talents to comedy events in a comfortable atmosphere there is something to choose for everyone.

At the same place as Kaffee Burger, there was a infamous red light premise as early as 1890. In 1936, it was handed to the Burger family and got its nowadays name. In the 70s, Kaffee Burger became an important scene meeting point and cultural hotspot and among the regular guests were theatre workers from the nearby located Volksbühne theatre and a number of famous authors as well as other artists, journalists and intellectuals.

In the 90s, the café changed its owner again and gained cult status with Wladimir Kaminer’s „Russendisko“ parties. In 2008, Madonna rented Kaffee Burger to celebrate her world premiere als a director.

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