Królowa Śniegu

Predaj ukončený
Adresa ul. Starowiślna 21, Kraków
Štítky Rozprávka
Vstupné PLN 30–40
Web miesta
Dĺžka 65 min

The boy was missing - a good, nice friend from the neighborhood. Someone saw him playing carefree in the snow, someone else in the sleigh of a stranger with an icy cold, unappetizing look. Maybe she kidnapped him in an unknown direction? Gerda, unable to come to terms with the loss of her closest friend, decides to find Kaja at any price. He does not know yet that this search will turn into a long, exhausting journey during which he will learn what is joy and suffering, hope and longing. In these adventures they will be supported by newly-known, friendly friends: Wydra, Wrona and Reindeer. Thanks to their help, he will find the missing boy, but will he be able to melt the ice of his choked evil heart?

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