Les Rhinocéros

Noise, Rock, Jazz, Noise, Avant-garde USA
S Les Rhinocéros


Les Rhinocéros  Bea Spiders  0 5 6:15 12 ×
Les Rhinocéros  Up [tzadik 2011]  0 5 5:16 6 ×

O Les Rhinocéros

Les Rhinoceros is a hot sensation from the American metropolis hatchery and kept a firm hand demon John Zorn. It was on his label Tzadik issues trio Les Rhinoceros, originally classmates and actually more recently teenagers who proudly settled somewhere between free jazz and noise rock with echoes of world music, ambient and dozens of other genres. Try to imagine Sun Ra jamujícího with Black Flag and Django Reinhardt, and maybe you quite close, just add youthful enthusiasm and effervescence. Trinity is mainly known for its concerts. – Translated by Automatic service


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