Marley Wildthing

Alternatíva/Indie, Folk, Pop Rakúsko
S Marley Wildthing

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Marley Wildthing  Take  0 5 3:57 137 ×
Marley Wildthing  The Man Who Became You  0 5 3:21 68 ×
Marley Wildthing  Bourbon Street Parade  0 5 3:16 20 ×
Marley Wildthing  Melting  0 5 4:51 16 ×
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O Marley Wildthing

Marley Wildthing is a singer-songwriter from Austria based in Prague. After travelling without plans and just her instruments on her back through America, she decided to dedicate her life to music. Marley is writing all songs herself mixing different styles and unusual instruments like bouzouki together with her deep, strong voice.

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