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Experimental, Punk, Alternatíva/Indie, Rock, Jazz, Alternative Rock, Post Punk Poľsko www.facebook.com…
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O Michał Miegoń

Michał Miegoń - musician, producer, lyricist, composer, lover of Gdynia, the youngest member of the Old Gdynia Circle. The leader of the Kiev Office trio, guitarist The Shipyard, keyboardist at the Bubble Chamber. He has worked with countless renowned artists such as Jerzy Mazzoll, Karol Schwarz All Stars, Homosapiens, Heart & Soul and many others. He moves through many shades of music: from electronics to rock, improvisation and songwriting. There is one common denominator of all his musical journeys - Gdynia. He often smuggled elements related to the city into lyrics and music. He has performed successfully in Poland (Off Festival, Open'er Festival, Jarocin, Węgorzewo Union of Rock, Męskie Granie) and abroad (MusikDirekt Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland). Nominated for the City of Gdańsk Award for Young Creators in the field of Culture. He prepared musical settings for city events, among others during the Night of Museums at the Gdynia Main Theatre. Since 2015 he has been running a blog and a website called Other Routes, where he presents unknown stories straight from the nooks and crannies of Gdynia. She cooperates with the "Kurier Gdyński" newspaper and the eRatusz portal. Sometimes he comes across information straight to those interested - as during a walk at the "Attractions" festival where he reached the last harbour peat bogs and the narrowest courtyard in the city centre…


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