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S Pochwalone

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Inne Brzmienia Art’n’Music Festival 2020 Lublin, Lublin Castle Grounds Inne Brzmienia Art’n’Music Festival 2020
Pochwalone + Same Suki Wrocław, Stary Klasztor Pochwalone + Same Suki
Dezerter + Pochwalone Wrocław, Sala Gotycka w Starym Klasztorze Dezerter + Pochwalone
Pochwalone Wrocław, D.K. Luksus Pochwalone
Lazarath + Siksa + more Brno, Bajkazyl Brno Lazarath + Siksa + more
Lost In Life + Siksa + Pochwalone Praha 4, Na pul cesty Café Lost In Life + Siksa + Pochwalone


Pochwalone  Nie taka  0 5 3:52 27 ×
Pochwalone  Fora fora  0 5 2:41 12 ×
Pochwalone  Czarny War  0 5 4:04 11 ×
Pochwalone  Zakukała  0 5 2:28 7 ×
Pochwalone  Dzieweczka  0 5 1:53 2 ×

O Pochwalone

So far, they have used texts from folk tradition and poetry created by contemporary poets in Poland, but now they also use foreign poetry. Still about what women are concerned about and what affects them. Rebellion for generations, power, gloom, fun and sadness. Musically diverse: chirps and lyrical, fast and trance, screaming and melodious.


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