Radio Rumeli

Rozšírená realita Nemecko
S Radio Rumeli

O Radio Rumeli

In its program the ensemble Radio Rumeli (established in the summer of 2009) finds a fresh and relaxed approach to the music of the Balkans. The carefully selected pieces between Adriatic, Istanbul, and Caucasus Mountains work their magic through the beautiful tunes and typical rhythms, they are, however, not presented in the traditional way. With the different cultural and musical backgrounds of the band members the music gains its highly individual character.

The four musicians coming from Germany, Czech Republic, and Turkey play with classic and new sounds. In their repertoire you can hear tunes sounding sensuous and nostalgic as well as full of temperament. Although they are not afraid of decorating the traditional style in parts with a pinch of jazz and Latin groove they consciously make their music sound simple and clear. With a balanced mixture of feeling vocals, a fine and delicate ensemble playing of clarinet and violin, high percussion performance and wonderful harmonies Radio Rumeli present a sensuous variety of the Balkans music to their audience.

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