Sandau und Leo Galerie

Sandau und Leo Galerie

Adresa Tucholskystraße 38, Berlin
Telefón +49 30 23549395

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The program of the Galerie Sandau und Leo, that was founded in 2007, contains mainly of a combination of tradition and innovation. Dr. Doris Leo stands for tradition, having long experiences in handling the art and exhibition business. By that she continues the key elements of her former gallery Leo.Coppi.

Together with Jörg Sandau, the collaboration with many established artists is being further developed. Among them painters like Herta Günther, Ulrich Gleiter, Ulrike Hahn, Helene Heyder, Konrad Knebel, Wolfgang Leber, Harald Metzkes, Ulrike Pisch, Klaus Schiffermüller, Reinhard Stangl, as well as sculptors like Sylvia Hagen, Michael Jastram, Robert Metzkes, Werner Stötzer and graphic artists such as Arno Mohr und Klaus Süß. Apart from painting, paper works, graphics and sculptures, the program will also expand into the non figurative fields of art and photography.


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