Teatr XL

Teatr XL

Adresa plac Hallera 5/10a, Warszawa
Webová stránka www.teatrxl.com
Telefón +48 500 261 813

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Teatr XL gets important social topics and makes it satiric. They starts making quality entertainment in 2012. Teatr XL is touching key issues for people in Poland and Warsaw - capital of the country. They are telling stories about real people and spectators can see themselfs in this way.

Teatr XL breaks typical image of the theatre and makes it more symbolic and engaging. From January 2017 to the end of season the headquaters of the theatre is Niebo - unifiq club on Warsaw map. Located in the heart of city, but away from hustle and bustle. In tenement house - old buliding of cinema and restaurant. Since 2016 this place is shining again and is all about music, culture, art and entertainment.


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