The Historical Museum

The Historical Museum

Adresa ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 35, Wrocław
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Telefón +48 71 391 69 40
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The Historical Museum, branch of The City Museum of Wrocław, continues the work of The City Historical Museum, which opened in 1948 in the City Hall. Since 2008 works in a new abode – The Royla Palace. The Royal Palace, former residence of Prussian kings, is an exceptional place, the largest museum projects in the postwar history of Wroclaw. Thanks to thorough modernization, he became a modern exhibition center of the City Museum of Wroclaw. It is also a place for family recreation where you can spend pleasant moments in a stylish café after visiting the exhibition and you can relax on warm days in the reconstructed baroque garden. Currently, in the restored and adapted to the requirements of a modern museum inside, the royal palace shows four permanent exhibitions, the Royal Apartments, the original Beyersdorf room and temporary exhibitions.


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