The Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History

Adresa ul. Sienkiewicza 21, Wrocław
Telefón +48 71 375 41 45

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The Museum of Natural History, Wroclaw University, is the largest institution of this kind in Poland. It came into existence in 1814. Its collections comprise numerous unique specimens of extinct and rare species such as the Great Auk, Passenger Pigeon , Carolina Parakeet, Huia or Marsupial Wolf. One of the most precious exhibits in the Museum’s collection is a skeleton of the Giant Elk, a species got extinct 10 thousand years ago, which is displayed in “The Vertebrates Skeletal System” section. The span of antlers of this species exceeded 3 m. In its collection the Museum possesses also the best preserved in Poland skull of the Aurochs or Wild Ox, the ancestor of domestic cattle. This mammal was entirely exterminated in the Middle Ages. The highlight of the collection, displayed in “The Animal World” exhibition, is the only in Poland complete skeleton of the largest animal which has ever lived on the earth, namely the Blue Whale .


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