The Unlimited Trio

Folklór, Klasická, Elektronika, Rock, Jazz, Ambient, Folklore Bielorusko…
S The Unlimited Trio

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The Unlimited Trio Praha 5-Smíchov, Jazz Dock The Unlimited Trio
Darkness Of Mine: The Unlimited Trio + Lola Karpenka Praha 1, Divadlo Kolowrat Darkness Of Mine: The Unlimited Trio + Lola Karpenka


The Unlimited Trio  (live)  0 5 21:42 52 ×
The Unlimited Trio  (live)  0 5 4:16 23 ×
The Unlimited Trio  Obsession  0 5 3:01 269 ×
The Unlimited Trio  Down From The Hills  0 5 4:26 149 ×

O The Unlimited Trio

The Unlimited Trio is a Belarusian experimental instrumental musical project. The trio’s main principle in creating music is not to recognize any stylistic borders or limits – the reason why you’ll hear an intoxicating blend of elements of folk music from around the world, classical music, rock, jazz, ambient, and avant-guard (ag, vl, acc).


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