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S Viscera

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Viscera///  Iris Overburden  Viscera/// – Iris Overburden 9:52 15 ×
Viscera///  Olocausto Farmaceutic  Viscera/// – Olocausto Farmaceutic 10:55 11 ×
Viscera///  Ballad Of Barry L  Viscera/// – Ballad Of Barry L 9:23 8 ×
Viscera///  Focus, The First Eye  Viscera/// – Focus, The First Eye 2:20 5 ×
Viscera///  White Flies Might Rule The Earth  Viscera/// – White Flies Might Rule The Earth 7:54 6 ×

O Viscera

Viscera/// is a northern Italy based combo formed in 2000 which started as a raw brutalcore band (under the name of Chaosphere). Their current style gathers the experiences of psych moods, post hardcore, 70's space rock, drone and ambient, just to create an intimate and extremely personal view of heavy music. Members of Viscera/// also play (or played) in Malasangre, The Drop Machine, Mount Piezein Circle and Self Human Combustion.


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