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Folk, Rozšírená realita, Klasická Holandsko, Moldavsko, Rusko, Poľsko, Bulharsko, Nórsko
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World Orchestra Warszawa, Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa World Orchestra

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Grzech Piotrowski’s World Orchestra reaches to the roots of the music. To the world music, the ancient improvisation from the times when the sheet music was nonexistent. The instruments used by the World Orchestra as such are unique. The musicians play the long forgotten instruments. Sound of the symphonic orchestra gets ornamented with: Armenian duduk, Bulgarian kaval, Moldavian tsymbaly, kurai played by Bashkir people, lyre, harp, Finnish kantele, zither, and Tunisian oud or udu. Vocal techniques used by e.g. Ruth

Wilhelmine Meyer, Bulgarian Voices Angelite, Sainkho Namtchylak or Sinikka Langeland reach for vocal traditions used by the ancient singers from Bulgaria (open-throat singing), Lapland (joik), Tuva, Mongolia, Japan, Norway (throat singing). The biggest asset of the project is the undisputable virtuosity of the artists, and a joy of playing music that is still alive despite many years of stage experience.


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