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S Bonaparte


Bonaparte  Das Lied Vom Tod  0 5 3:00 12 ×
Bonaparte  Anti Anti  0 5 3:34 10 ×
Bonaparte  Too Much  0 5 3:50 7 ×
Bonaparte  Computer In Love  0 5 3:31 4 ×
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Про Bonaparte

Define the style of this band from Germany is a tough one. Sami describes himself as a "fluffy punk" and if some of the bands worthy of designation crazy - it's just them. Music composed and recorded Tobias Jundt. It is the only permanent member of Bonaparte. During an appearance on the stage but runs up to a dozen other performers. Why? They correspond themselves Bonaparte: "If you want us to gig arrives 12 people with 12 frightened animals and domesticated elephant, because you're not ready. We need a house, chef, gardener, horse whisperer, a doctor and a swimming pool - basically the whole five-star hotel - a huge old rococo theater. Because this is all you do … you get this: performance ensemble čítajícího about 9 members who you are risking their personal and public lives, disguised as animals or sausage; concert to limit the statutory noise limits and mucho fun fun fun! (However, a heated pool would be nice). " – Translated by Automatic service


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