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S Buty

Майбутні концерти

Nošovice, Pivovar Radegast Radegast den 2022
Praha 1, Divadlo Bez zábradlí Buty

Минулі концерти

Pojď dál 2022 Praha, Areál Jedličkova ústavu Pojď dál 2022
Buty Praha 10 – Vršovice, Café V lese Buty
Buty Praha 10 – Vršovice, Café V lese Buty
Buty Plzeň, Papírna Buty
Buty České Budějovice, MC Fabrika Buty
Buty Bratislava – Staré Mesto, Ateliér Babylon Buty


Buty  Krtek  Buty – Krtek 2:39 456 ×
Buty  Nad stádem koní  Buty – Nad stádem koní 3:44 425 ×
Buty  Tata  Buty – Tata 4:09 371 ×
Buty  Frantisek  Buty – Frantisek 3:58 208 ×
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Про Buty

Buty the Czech popular musical group, originally from Ostrava, which was founded in 1986 by groups of U238 and B complex. The founding members are Richard and Radek Kroczek Pastrňák. To these are added Vit Kučaj, and Ludek Ivan Myslikovjan Piásečný.

The music group Buty blends many musical styles (rock, folk, folklore of various ethnic, country, jazz, reggae and more) with the imaginative and witty lyrics. Each album is significantly different from the previous. From the chamber Pískej pískej to atmospheric Ppoommaalluu (part songs used to ride Svěrák film), positivity busy Wood (these two albums most critics finds artistic peak group), to slightly počinu Rastakayakwanna pop, experimental but not entirely coherent, Fern, through Normale (sometimes mistakenly seen as symbolizing laments Ostrava coexistence of Czechs and Roma; musically inspired by Goran Bregovic), to the last album VOTO which originated five years.


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