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S Dzieciuki

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Festiwal Kultury Białoruskiej: Białoruś dla Ukrainy Chorzów, Leśniczówka Rock & Roll Cafe Festiwal Kultury Białoruskiej: Białoruś dla Ukrainy
Rock na Bagnie 2021 Goniądz, Plaża miejska w Goniądzu Rock na Bagnie 2021
Анульовано: Rock na Bagnie X Goniądz, Plaża nad Biebrzą Rock na Bagnie X
Folkowisko 2018 Na Wschód Gorajec, Chutor Gorajec Folkowisko 2018 Na Wschód
Partyzant Rock: Kult + Kozak System + Dzieciuki Białystok, Lodowisko Białystok Partyzant Rock: Kult + Kozak System + Dzieciuki
Анульовано: No Logo + Dzieciuki Warszawa, MÓZG Warszawa No Logo + Dzieciuki


Dzieciuki  Калi Над Лугам Бусел Праляцеў...  Dzieciuki – Калi Над Лугам Бусел Праляцеў... 4:54 41 ×
Dzieciuki  Эпiлог  Dzieciuki – Эпiлог 1:13 5 ×
Dzieciuki  Мужыцкая праўда  Dzieciuki - Мужыцкая праўда 3:18 345 ×
Dzieciuki  Лясныя браты  Dzieciuki - Лясныя браты 3:30 22 ×
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Про Dzieciuki

Dzieciuki is a folk-punk band, which was founded in Grodno, in 2012. In February 2014 he released his first album “Haradzienski Harmidar” which includes original texts Dzianis Žyhaŭce. The songs refer to the different historical narratives. Group Name arisen by chance. The term “Dzieciuki” named after his insurgent commander of the January Uprising in Belarus, Kastus Kalinovský.

Music groups deny local character and musicians, as they say, is trying to give new meaning to the word “patriot” posed by them currently carries the epithet “right-wing oxen.” Group disagrees with unilateral Soviet look at the history of Belarus. Most of the text is devoted to the many heroes of the uprising kalinovcům, balachovcům and partisans during the Second World War. In music we can find Dzieciuků dose of Belarusian history (of which not learn in school textbooks) and at the same time, for example, a story about driving drunk on a bicycle. – Translated by Automatic service


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