Fight the Fight

Панк, Метал, Рок Норвегія…
S Fight the Fight

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Satyricon + Suicidal Angels + Fight the Fight Praha 3 – Žižkov, Palac Akropolis Satyricon + Suicidal Angels + Fight the Fight


Fight the fight  Fight the Fight  Fight the fight – Fight the Fight 3:39 10 ×
Fight the fight  The Edge  Fight the fight – The Edge 4:00 4 ×
Fight the fight  Perfect Combination  Fight the fight – Perfect Combination 4:04 2 ×
Fight The Fight  The Edge  Fight The Fight – The Edge 4:23 1 ×
Fight The Fight  The Other Side  Fight The Fight – The Other Side 3:45 0 ×

Про Fight the Fight

Fight the Fights debut record is young, fresh and bursting with energy. Just as you would expect from a debut record of a band that has been buzzing around the Norwegian underground for several years. But, it is more…much more. It is a mature, well-composed rock/metal grenade with immediately memorable hooks, catchphrases and choruses. Its not your average debut record, with elements of rock, punk, metal and black metal woven into a unique and progressive sound. Big riffs siting effortlessly alongside memorable hooks.


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