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Hi–Fi Klatovy, Bistro Vlaštovka Hi–Fi


Hi–Fi  Makumba  0 5 4:02 135 ×
Hi–Fi  Koktavej Rap  0 5 3:22 73 ×
Hi–Fi  Makumba  0 5 7:38 47 ×
Hi–Fi  Mahulena, ideální žena  0 5 4:11 0 ×

Про Hi–Fi

Hi-fi focuses on electronic dance music and jazz, stylish range of dance rhythms, but ranges from hip-hop, reggae, techno and drum'n'bass. The original Czech and English texts often include wordplay, rap and beatbox. In addition to the group uses live instruments and electronics and drum loops. Most of the repertoire consists of original songs, according to the type of event and space are included in the program and jazz standards in dance and other adjustments.


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