K-pop Fever in Kraków by Unbuffalo & MyWave

Місце Choice Club
Адреса ul. Floriańska 15, Kraków
Теги Поп, K-pop, EDM
Вхід 15–25 зл
Веб-сайт місця www.choiceclub.pl

K-pop Fever is a series of k-pop and k-hiphop parties organized by YouTubers known from Unbuffalo channel and MyWave crew. Perfect event for fans of Asian music. There will be no shortage of tracks from artists like BTS, Itzy, Aespa, Blackpink, Exo, Stray Kids and Stay-C. DJs in Choice Club will make sure that nobody wants to leave the dance floor.


Kep1er  Wa Da Da  0 5 3:18 157 ×
NMIXX  O.O  0 5 3:34 146 ×
STAYC  RUN2U  0 5 3:36 141 ×
Itzy  Loco  0 5 3:53 94 ×
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