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Chapter 22 is a musical group of five young musicians from Jablonec and Prague. Attracted mainly distinctive lyrics of singer and composer Anne Drábková. The band’s genre lately marshaled to rock or alternative, experimental, sometimes even in songs mixed in elements of minimalism or ska. Original author couple Anna and Jan Drábek (formerly Duo D) in recent years has grown to five members and songwriting and the band’s lead singer and guitarist took Anna. Her brother Honzeek plays bass and sings. Other members of Chapter 22 are Nero drummer, violinist Jan Benhák Pustai and David, who plays the electric guitar. Noteworthy is that all the band members are, so to speak, multi-instrumentalist, which is a great enrichment for arranging songs. Each of them is also active in other musical groups of various musical styles, from classical music through jazz to electroswingu. – Translated by Automatic service

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