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S Narrows


Narrows  Absolute Betrayer  Narrows – Absolute Betrayer 2:56 36 ×
Narrows  Chambered  Narrows – Chambered 2:17 208 ×
Narrows  Under The Guillotine  Narrows – Under The Guillotine 3:41 30 ×

Про Narrows

In American music group Narrows met really fine hardcore elite. Vocalist Dave Verellen gave the world still under the influence of bands Botch feel what it's MathCore and this band is definitely inscribed in indelible letters in musical history. A bassist Rob Moran as a member based Unbroken has definitely been taken care of, too punk immortality. As for the other members of the Narrows, Ryan can be found here Fredereksena of These Arms Are Snakes, Jodie Cox from the Tropics or Bullet Union and the chair behind the drums he saddled Sam Stothers from Makeout Boys, Quarantine. All seasoned and experienced and their intense atmospheric hardcore is perfectly believable and genuine. – Translated by Automatic service

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