Oskar Kokoschka

Картини, Класична Чехія
S Oskar Kokoschka

Про Oskar Kokoschka

Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980) was a vital, highly creative person until he was ninety-four years. Lithography has in his work from a position of early work in connection with illustrations of his own texts, in the cycle Dreaming Boys (1906-1908). The best example of this cycle is a graphical programming work created shortly after the First World War and entitled Variations on a theme or a concert. Portrait of a woman listening to music, systematically made ​​in several variations, led to the later portraits Kokoschkovým London or Swiss period.

Kokoschkovo thought and consistent programming graphical work is characterized by numerous portraits and self portraits with frequent artistic expression and experimentation. Since the fifties of the twentieth century, transformed lithography into larger-scale drawings from his travels: “Cityscapes” motives and cultural landscapes of Greece, the cradle of Kokoschka fundamental human civilization. – Translated by Automatic service

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