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Elder + Pallbearer + support: Irist Warszawa, Proxima Elder + Pallbearer + support: Irist
Pallbearer + Bast Praha 6, Club 007 Strahov Pallbearer + Bast
Yob + Pallbearer Praha 6, Club 007 Strahov Yob + Pallbearer


Pallbearer  Forgotten Days  Pallbearer – Forgotten Days 6:01 0 ×
Pallbearer  Rite of Passage  Pallbearer – Rite of Passage 4:56 0 ×
Pallbearer  I Saw the End  Pallbearer – I Saw the End 6:28 0 ×
Pallbearer  Worlds Apart  Pallbearer - Worlds Apart 10:17 37 ×
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For a few years in the summaries of the albums of the most prestigious American magazines and music websites, you can find Pallbearer productions. The Arkansas band has enchanted thousands of fans in the world with a very affordable, melodious variety of doom metal. Initially sound quite dirty and dingy, with some time more ground and accessible. Their metal doom goes lightly, seamlessly. It does not overwhelm the cemetery atmosphere, does not scare the darkness of the moldy dungeons. More like a walk in the woods after sunset. In the autumn, Joseph D. Rowland (bass guitar, vocals), Devin Holt (guitar, vocals), Brett Campbell (vocals, guitar) and Mark Lierly (drums) come to persuade their fans to release the album “Heartless” All this points to reviews after reviews, and it is also badly hampered in annual summaries.


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