Papia Das Baul

Доповнена реальність Інді
S Papia Das Baul


Papia Das Baul  Pindare Palasher Bon  Papia Das Baul – Pindare Palasher Bon 5:40 33 ×
Papia Das Baul  (live)  Papia Das Baul – (live) 9:54 17 ×
Papia Das Baul  Lal Paharir Dese Ja (live)  Papia Das Baul – Lal Paharir Dese Ja (live) 5:55 9 ×

Про Papia Das Baul

Papias Ghoshal and her band Baishnav Tantra represent Baul music, sufi, various forms jhummuru, Nepali songs, Urdu Ghazal, Rabindra sangeet and a couple of old Bollywood songs. Western audiences are demonstrated as tools dugg, ektara, dotara, tabla, harmonium, dupki, chumgur, koptal, tampura.

Papias Ghoshal, an artist from Bengal is dedicated to dancing and singing folk, spiritual music of India. Its purpose is to reveal to the world the old and traditional songs from the depths of remote villages. Her singing is accompanied by drums and other traditional instruments. Papias Ghoshal is not only a singer but also a world-renowned painter and basníčkářkou. The traveling exhibition of her paintings are held around the world. – Translated by Automatic service

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