Peppe Voltarelli

Народна музика Італія
S Peppe Voltarelli


Peppe Voltarelli  Distratto Ma Però  Peppe Voltarelli – Distratto Ma Però 4:11 53 ×
Peppe Voltarelli  Ciao Come Stai  Peppe Voltarelli – Ciao Come Stai 3:42 39 ×
Peppe Voltarelli  Sta Città  Peppe Voltarelli – Sta Città 3:34 34 ×
Peppe Voltarelli  Italiani Superstar  Peppe Voltarelli – Italiani Superstar 4:31 19 ×
Peppe Voltarelli  Rosa (Rosie)  Peppe Voltarelli – Rosa (Rosie) 3:43 14 ×

Про Peppe Voltarelli

Peppe Voltarelli is energetic Italian singer and star of the movie The Legend of Tony Vilar. His concerts are like fans chanson, punk and melodious Italian. Pepe Voltarelli in the Czech first visited the MOFFOM 2004 as the lead singer of Il Parto delle Nuvole peasant, since 2006, on a solo career, which also includes work in the film. – Translated by Automatic service


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